• Projects of the Social Innovation project of 2018

    We proudly present our 2 projects of 2018

    Talk down memory lane

    Melanie, Emily and Maaike

    How to help elderly deal with the loss of their loved ones? Design a memory game together to open up the floor for them to talk freely about childhood memories, family members, backgrounds and even loss.

    The green hat club

    Stella, Lisa, Andrew and Carlos

    Being green is not difficult if you know how to do it. We've designed a workshop where students learn how to make their own cleaning products. Less waste, DIY, fun and informative.

  • Projects of the Social Innovation Project of 2017

    Three projects wanting to make a change

    Walk & Talk

    Judith, Savi & Sophia

    This project aims to battle inequality in a small, yet powerful way by connecting dog walkers (on their routinely walk) and refugees. Lifting this interpersonal barrier is done by fostering interactions with both groups using a furry friend.

    Foster Buddies

    Carly, Jessie & Vera

    In the Netherlands, there are many foster children who experience a lack of stability and trouble establishing lasting, loving relationships. In our project, we help this target group. It aims to match foster children with dogs who visit them regularly, in order to enable them to create these relationships and stability.

    Tilburg Integration Service

    Domagoj, Niki & Yannic

    Too many international students are running into issues when arriving and settling in Tilburg. We believe that integration in Tilburg can be a much more pleasant experience when there is a proper informational platform guiding students through the journey of succesful integration by providing help with practical matters.

  • Projects of the Social Innovation Project of 2016

    We have gone great length to present you the following two projects


    Lottie, Hazy, Emiel, Niloy

    More than a box – A new way to make meaningful connections


    The Unplugme team at University College Tilburg are aiming to tackle the behavioral problem related to phone addiction and the adverse effects of technology on human beings. In the current era, mobiles phones have become so increasingly important that it brings undesired implications with it we may not have been aware of.


    We have created The Unplugme Box that makes the difficult task of putting your phone down more fun and interactive. It strives to improve the social atmosphere and achieving uncompleted goals by reducing phone time.

    Employees Factory

    Irina, Isabela, George, Laszlo

    In Tilburg there is a visible discrepancy between international students and Dutch students when it comes to employment. The Employees Factory team at University Collage Tilburg have research this topic, and found that this is an issue of social inequality on the matter of language skills. In the Tilburg area, most of the employers need people who can understand orders, and react to security issues accordingly.


    We have come together to offer students a program that teaches them the Dutch language, and provides useful tips for job seekers about how to properly write their CV and create a LinkedIn profile. The program strives to help international students to earn some cash, while attempting to decrease the employment inequality among students.

  • Projects Social Innovation Project 2015

    3 unique social innovations we created

    Soft Borders

    Renate, Maciek & Laura

    Softening the harsh borders that exist between refugee children and Dutch children by having them create PomPoms together


    Jörg, Rik, Aniek & Oliver

    Provide a service that redistributes food that people tend to throw away. The products will be collected and returned in a "processed" form at FoodSharing. During this process, we educate people on the issue of food waste.

    UNI-ted to DO

    Joshua, Marieke, Eva & Tomas

    Create a better connection between the student life and work life by teaching (the importance of ) practical skills